Temporomandibular Joint Disorders

Are you living in constant jaw pain?

Did you know that a misaligned jaw can be the source of dozens of ailments, including migraines, back pain, and sleeplessness? Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is located on both sides of your head. These joints help you eat, talk, and yawn. When your TMJ malfunctions, it may be a sign that your muscles, bones, ligaments, or other tissues surrounding the joint is impacted.

Causes: While the root source of Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) may be difficult to diagnosis, grinding or clenching your teeth, stress (tightening your facial muscles), or a head-related injury are often correlating factors.

Symptoms: Common symptoms of TMD include:

  • A popping or clicking noise when opening or closing your mouth
  • Locking jaw or limited movement
  • Neck, shoulder, or facial pain when you move your jaw
  • Toothaches, headaches, or neck aches
  • Dizziness or earaches

Regain Your Quality of Life

When you visit HollowBrook Sleep, we will evaluate your temporomandibular joints with our innovative 3D Cone Beam Imaging X-ray technology to detect the cause and identify the best treatment options for you.

Often, the cure to TMD is a simple, non-invasive mouthpiece to realign your jaw and heal the dozens of muscles that keep it in place. We offer Oral Appliance Therapy to treat TMD and will provide a full evaluation for patients who are interested in Sleep Oral Appliance.

I went to Dr. Erlander with such severe, chronic pain that I was ready to surgically break my jaw and reset it. He fitted me with an oral appliance and I had relief within days from pain that had been plaguing me for years. I literally cried from the relief.” – Shannon