How a Mouthguard Can Help Teeth Grinding

How to stop grinding your teeth

Patients that suffer from apnea and sleep disorders and who are facing chronic jaw, headaches, neck pain, and TMJ can benefit from a night guard. Clenching and teeth are signs of grinding and are part of a condition called bruxism. Additional factors such as stress and anxiety add to sleep disorders.

Over 25 million Americans are known to grind their teeth at night unconsciously. Our specialists at HollowBrook Sleep customize each patient with a mouthguard for their specific need(s). We recommend a properly fitted, customized night guard because jaw structure and jaw pain are unique to each patient. When we receive your custom mouthguard, our specialists talk with you to make sure the bite and alignment shift are not causing any discomfort.   

Utilizing a mouthguard while sleeping allows the top and bottom teeth relief from the pressure of grinding or clenching by separating the teeth. When clenching down, your jaw receives blunt pressure and wearing a mouth guard provides cushioning for your jaw muscles offering your overworked jaw the relief and rest it requires. Along with the cushioning you will experience less jaw pain in the morning and during the day, in turn reducing lasting joint problems in the jaw area.

If left untreated for an extended period of time, grinding teeth can have serious issues including chipped enamel, tooth sensitivity, flattened teeth, jaw locking / popping, jaw pain, chronic head pain, irritations on your tongue or gums, and intense headaches. 

HollowBrook Sleep Mouthguard 101

– Prevents grinding and damage from grinding
– Allows jaw relief and relaxation
– Built for durability and reliability
– BPA and latex free
– Easy to clean, wash and store
– Do not chew on your mouthguard, it will distort the mold and shape for your fit of your teeth in mouth.
– Brush and floss prior to wearing
– Avoid heat damage or direct sun light

At HollowBrook Sleep, our experienced specialists are here to answers any questions and assist you with better, longer nights of sleep. We fully recommend a night guard if you experience these symptoms and highly recommend a customized mouthguard for optimal results.

When you visit HollowBrook Sleep, we evaluate your temporomandibular joints with our innovative 3D Cone Beam Imaging X-ray technology to detect the cause, identify the best treatment options for you, and create your custom mouthguard. Call today for your free consultation.

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