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Tammy Higgins, Dental Assistant

Tammy Higgins started her career with HollowBrook Dental in 2012 as a Dental Assistant.  During her time with HollowBrook Dental, Dr. Erlander and Dr. Smith quickly identified a new need for their patients: those patients struggling with Sleep Apnea, Chronic Head and Jaw Pain, and TMD. Tammy was eager and passionate to learn more about patients with those needs. Losing her brother at a very young age to Sleep Apnea only further drove her decision to help others in all things Sleep. Tammy was also diagnosed with TMD from a dirt bike accident and orthodontic treatment. She can now function happily without jaw pain. 

Five years into her career on the Dental side, Tammy made the decision to join HollowBrook Sleep. Having the experience as a Dental Assistant allows her to use her transferable knowledge and skills with Sleep patients.  Tammy is able to answer questions about their dental concerns and how it impacts their sleep and how an oral appliance will effect their dentition. 

She loves helping people and seeing how life changing it is for patients. The best compliment she can ever receive is the news that they are feeling better and have gained control of their life thanks to regaining control of their sleep. 

“There is no greater reward than changing someone’s health for the better,” says Tammy. “I look forward to meeting with you and starting you down the pain-free, sleep-filled recovery path.”

  • Being outdoors, camping, skiing, fishing, riding ATV, hiking, crafts, spending time with son and grandson.